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Executive Coaching – Key Components

Executive Coaching, sometimes called executive mentoring, is an ongoing dialogue-based approach to professional and personal development that aims at developing awareness, producing impact, and facilitating creative learning and development. The concept is the integration of the elements of leadership, management, coaching, and mentoring. This type of executive coaching can be effective when it is undertaken by a trained professional who has significant experience in this area. For most companies, executive coaching is best done by those who have had relevant experience and who are also skilled in their respective fields of expertise. The programs and courses offered by executive coaching programs are diverse and many of them involve participation in training workshops, executive seminars, one-on-one executive coaching, or a combination of these elements. Read More – Abiola Oke

Executive Coaching – How Can it Help You Achieve Career Goals?

Executive coaching can also focus on development goals. These include career plans and development goals for the organization as a whole and for each individual employee. There is an increasing trend of organizations developing formal training and certification programs that are focused on executive coaching. These programs are intended to train executives on skills, processes, and vision that are essential for achieving overall organizational success, and to increase awareness of employees’ skills and talents, while providing them with a framework within which to build upon their strengths and to develop their skills and talents.

Executive coaching can enhance leadership skills and performance through a process of self-awareness. The coaching process can assist leaders by providing feedback that can be used as a means of identifying weaknesses in their behavior, leadership, and management style, as well as in their communication and interpersonal skills. Executive coaching can also provide leaders with feedback that can be used to improve their self-confidence and self-awareness. This type of leadership and career development coaching addresses areas of leadership including self-awareness, goal setting, assertiveness, self-discipline, negotiation, empathy, communication, and other key areas.