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Zip Filter Tap

A zip filter tap is made to remove various contaminants and bacteria from seeping into your drinking water from your counter or sink. In using a zip filter tap, you don’t have to repeatedly open and shut your faucet so as to get access to clean, refreshing drinking water every time you want to drink. With a zip filter tap, the liquid that seeps through your tap remains clean and clear of contaminants, allowing you to drink freely without worrying about the health hazards that contaminated water may not have. Also, zip filter taps are usually designed with larger holes than those for faucets, giving better access to the water and letting more water through at once for your drinking needs.

zip filter tap

What Is It and How Does It Work?

There are various types of zip filter tap available on the market today. The most common types are those that use a magnetic strip to attach to the faucet and come with a pre-drilled hole where the micron filter will be placed. This can be an effective method of filtering your drinking water, as long as you choose a good-quality micron filter that can block various contaminants. However, if the micron filter is not able to completely remove several contaminants, the remaining contaminants will still be able to permeate through the lining of the bottle. This may lead to your drinking water being contaminated even when you have a magnetic strip attached to the faucet.

The easiest way to ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality micron filter tap with the best possible price tag is to look for a zip filtered drinking water system with a discount code listed on its website. Simply type the discount code (which is typically located somewhere on the product’s information page), and you will be rewarded with instant savings. Shoppers who know very little about how their products work, or even less about how the codes function, may not realize this but a discounted item is still a discounted item and the same as using your regular faucets; it just costs less per unit.