Amish Baskets

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Amish Baskets

Amish Baskets are available in a large variety of styles and sizes. They are designed for different uses – from home decor to food carriers and garden storage. They can be found in small country gift shops or Amish markets, and are typically crafted by families working together. This link

Baskets made by the Amish are heirloom quality and are unique. Many are woven with one piece of wood, cut in a special way that allows them to expand into a free standing basket or collapse into a flat decorative countertop.

They are also often hand tacked on the vertical sides and then woven with reeds, which makes them a great way to store items in your garden or on a porch. Amish baskets are a popular choice as gifts and can be found at local country stores, roadside stands and on the internet.

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These Amish Pie and Picnic Baskets come in two different sizes and are available with or without a basket liner (liner sold separately). They feature two swinging handles, a solid oak bottom and lid with knob. They are available in all five accent colors and will accommodate a standard size glass or tin pie plate.

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These specialty baskets are woven entirely by hand. They are used for a variety of uses and are very durable. These baskets can be used at a wedding or funeral to add a unique, one of a kind touch.

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