Furniture Casters For Hardwood Floors

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If you’re thinking of installing a hardwood floor in your home, you’ll need to find furniture casters that won’t damage the flooring. Casters are small wheels that are mounted on the bottom of the legs of your furniture. They are used to move heavy items and to prevent them from dragging on the ground.

How do you tighten a caster wheel?

Hardwood floors aren’t very abrasive, so if you want to protect your floors from casters, you’ll need to choose a type of caster that doesn’t cause scratches. One of the best choices is a neoprene rubber caster. These casters are sturdy and are quiet. Source :

You may also want to consider a caster with soft wheels. This type of caster is ideal for hardwood flooring. Soft casters are made from material that is easy to clean and won’t leave marks on the surface.

Another popular choice is a caster with twin soft rubber wheels. These wheels have a smooth tread that allows you to move your furniture easily.

Another option is a twin-wheel nylon caster. Nylon is a good material to use on granite or marble. However, it tends to mark wood floors.

Finally, you can opt for a Polyurethane caster. This caster is also nonmarking and has a sturdy grip on the surface. It’s a great choice if you have a shaggy carpet or bamboo flooring.

Casters are useful for any space. But they can be a source of trouble if you don’t choose the right ones.

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